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Your thoughts on this behavior????

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Posted by Mary on April 23, 2002 at 07:34:33:

My Emma who should be at about a 135 day gestation period was acting like she was in heat today! She was doing the "billy goat act" on another doe. You know the tongue hanging, spitting, and attempting to mount (I say attempt, as she is so huge, she couldn't raise her front legs off the ground!) Any thoughts on this behavior? She definately looks and acts pregnant. As I said, she is huge, she is starting to bag up, and not participating in goat-games as she usually does. I witnessed the "act", back in December. She has not shown any signs of being in heat, until this performance. I am hoping you guys will confirm my thoughts that it may be due to a hormonal change, that she may be going through in late pregnancy. If she is not pregnant, I would be heartbroken. I've really been looking forward to new babies. What do you guys think??? Thanks...

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