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Re: Virus Warnings and Industry Outlook - A Call to Arms (long)

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Posted by Nat on April 24, 2002 at 19:49:42:

In Reply to: Virus Warnings and Industry Outlook - A Call to Arms (long) posted by GoatWorld on April 24, 2002 at 18:58:57:

I hear ya on the goat e-mail lists.. hehe.. I belong to hmm.. 4 e-lists, which range from a general goat one.. to breed specific ones. From what I see.. dont ever ask a question if you're a new-bie to goats. The well meaning, information seeking people who had some accident or mis management problem always seemed to get flamed even though its not their fault they were mis-informed, ect. Just donst seem like those lists encourage people to seek info w/o the risk of a buncha flames.

As for breed lists.. Ugh.. anyone who belongs to a breed list can hear my fustrations when some people who seem to be breeding goats since the beginning of time gripe at new commers seeking information.. Breed standard conversation can be downright brutal along with other concerns..

So far, goatworld has been the most supportive, non-judging information portal for any goat owner, day one, to years of production. We never flame, critize anyone as we all know that we all have learned from our mistakes - we try to prevent people from re-making our heartaches, or simple errors big or small. This is about learning, forming a nice goat community where no one feels silenced and we can share anything from a loss of a kid, to loss of a guinea pig, to adventures of goathater :-)

When you click into goat world, unlike the e-mail lists, you never have to brace yourself for those lovely vicious comments, or snide remarks. No matter how big or small a problem someone has a suggestion, or can help point you in the right direction for information...

Hmm.. as for the e-mail about the concerned neighbor - at least he's becommign aware of biosecurity risks now adays. Its not just CL we have to worry about, look at all this new stuff ranging from scrapies, to rabies, pnenomonias, ect.. Being cautious about herd segregation is not an overkill, but smart! The way everything is headed as of late, the more precautions the better. While I'd hate to get off to bad terms with neighbors, education and seeking knowledge and advice from many sources is an awsome start.

Well, off my soapbox for the night :-)

-nat's $2 and .02cents :-)

what would we do w/o goat world? be hitting delete alot more :-)

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