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Re: I don't thnk my doe has passed her afterbirth

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Posted by Nat on April 24, 2002 at 20:11:54:

In Reply to: I don't thnk my doe has passed her afterbirth posted by Cindy on April 24, 2002 at 04:45:09:

I've heard alot of good things about supplementing minerals, bo-se (selinium shots) or copper supplementing if your area is difficent in these in helping to prevent retained placentas.

We had a problem one year with the does goign fresh and having the nasty thing hang for 2-3 days and it finally released. Not fun milking with that thing dangling by your head.. lol.. The next year we did a differeny mix of minerals and no problems. just a thought, not sure what you have for the goats, block vs loose, ect.

From what I've seen at work with the big cows, combined with what I've deal with the goats and now more goodies learned in animal repro.. lol.. usually the placenta cleans w/in afew hrs after birth.. our cows try to eat them and almost choke on the huge things.. A lot of people try to give oxy to help them clean - this works as oxy stimulates uterine contractions. The placent has little buttons on it - cotyledons - where the placenta meets uterus to transfer blood, ect and theses are usually the problem as they dont alwasy "unattach."

If you call a vet in they in most cases wait a day or two to come because the placent starts to naturially decompose and the cotyledons tend to release easier. You dont want to pull it out because you can tear the internal walls. Soem people do old wives tails and put rocks in the hanging sack to increase the gentil pull. Usually gravity alone on it helps, dont need to add on more :-) The vet will sometimes infuse the uterus with something (I've heard of LA-200 infusions, to nolvasan) but this is done before the cervix closes all teh way up.

In any case, watch her temp and feed intake - any sudden change in these get ahold of your vet asap!!

Best of luck.. just dont milk and have it land on your head ;-) (can we tell I've been here before?)


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