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Sale barn info/TB at least in MI

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Posted by Karen on April 28, 2002 at 06:41:08:

Hey all I thought I should share this info with you. It may or may not relate depending on your state, we are in Michigan.

You may all remember a couple of months ago I was given a buck and a doe(crazy Lamoncha) anyway after breaking down fences and tormenting the other goats, does ,bucks and whatevers. We decided to run this buck and another through the sale barn, along with some culled sheep. So half a dozen phone calls and $150 vet call later we are all set with the the TB results (neg) and premis id #. This sale barn has a state vet on site so we didn't need the tags : ). This was good as the tags take about a month.

We also went down with the intent of picking up some more Jacob and Suffok sheep, and had an order to fill for a large goat (one of those pony sized animals). I told the woman in her price range it was not likely I could get what she wanted and have it survive the trip home. Guess what there were 3 or 4 that fit what she wanted all sold for less than $50 and all looked like they had been pets and well taken care of. Now here is the bad part. The had not been TB tested!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The state of Michigan requires that any goat not TB tested and run through the sale barn be for SLAUGHTER ONLY!! I know we can say all day that we will not sell our goats and if we do we will not put them in the sale barn. But be realistic here. Things happen and sometimes the sale barn is the fastest and easiest way to sell your livestock and get your money. No matter what we think or want sometime we may be forced to sell at the barn. So please make sure your animals are tested. It will not only bring the price of the animal up (opens up the bidding pool) it may send your pet to a home not the slaughter house.

If money is an issue in getting your herd tested call around. I didn't and it cost me. I did make some phone calls later and can get the whole herd done for $8 a head and the gas money it takes me to drive them there and back. Even driving the one ton loaded for 3 hrs will be less than the $150 it took the first time for two goats.

On the up side of the sale barn yesterday for the first time ever we went and made money. We took 2 bucks and 5 sheep and only came home with one ewe (she acts like a pet and is the biggest Suffolk yet). Dalice her name is "Bertha" . We also filled another one of the orders we took and brought that person some change back. So all in all not a bad day we went down with 3 orders and filled one plus ours.

After the sale goathater promised us all we could go out to eat. I made a compleat pig out of myself but it was gooooood foood. Anyway gotta go feed the ducks and what nots. Have a good weekend and TB test your herd.

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