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Farm Animal Tees! Castration Rings

Posted by Sandy L on April 28, 2002 at 14:13:48:

In Reply to: WHY IS MY DOE SO THIN?? PLEASE HELP posted by Helene on April 28, 2002 at 11:13:57:

Hi Helene..We raise alot of calfs and one thing we always keep on hand is chewable Digel tablets, the same kind for people. Just in case we have something bloat. We crunch them up into powder form as many as 6 to 8 tablets and put them in about a cup or so of water and then drench the calf or we have also drenched cows with them using a calf tuber and it works. On the cows my dad has at times used a glass coke bottle for drenching onced the cows is caught in the headcatch and a nose pincher is used. Not sure what its called tho..LOL..Its the thing that has a rope through it and then its tied off to one side of the headcatch.LOL.. I just know its used here alot when they work our cows or dehorn them.. The main thing is after we drench them is to make them walk or sometimes run alittle until the bloat goes down.It really don't take long for the bloat to go out of them.. Thought you might see a need for this information in an emergency sometimes. Sandy & Kids.. Oh yeh a update on April Jean, she's still hanging on, but will not eat grain at all and has lost so much weight. Don't know what eles to do. She's up and drinking water but not eating much anything eles. I think I have went through about 4 tubes of probios and 3 bottles of goat nutri drench since she got sick. Oh yeh Gary, also been drenching her with the dry ration plus you sent me. I mix it up in a little water and drench her. But she's hell bent and determined not to eat.. So I have faced the fact her days are numbered.. We have lost cows to Johne's Diesese over the years here on the farm and I think maybe that has washed down into my goat lots. I have had to have one goat put down a couple years ago and I had him tested and thats what the test showed but not 100%. And I lost Willie Man in 1999 doing the same thing April Jean is. April Jean is doing just like he did, not eating a bite. So thats where things stand for now. Sandy & Kids..

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