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Terrible Freak accident - with my wooly "goats"

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Posted by Karen on April 28, 2002 at 15:04:54:

I feel so awful right now and I really didn't know where else to go. Goathater is less than happy in fact I think really cranked would be the words. We have a Jacob in our front lot which is more like a feed lot than anything. There is shelter but it is limited and this sheep is low on the totum pole. In fact the only reason she is out there is because when her lot of sheep got out that is the pen she was closest to when caught. Also last night we moved the Suffolks to that same large lot to get them out of our yard and to give them acess to feed 24hrs. So anyway I had goathater rope the soon to be birthing Jacob and of course all the sheep run. One of the Suffolks fell head over heels. Normally this is no big deal, at least for the Jacobs. They fall, they shake it off and run back with the rest of the flock. Of course not today. The big Suffolk got up walked a couple of really shakey steps and fell...she didn't get up again. I think she broke her neck, maybe because they are so big. Man I really feel like crap. It was my idea to rope the Jacob because I didn't want her lambing in the muddy lot. It's cold ,rainy and probally will snow, I think she is a first time lamber and you never know whats gonna happen with them, it's best if they can be alone. Anyway I feel so guilty, I know things happen but all of it was my idea, from putting the Jacob in that lot to ropping her, now one of the others is dead. I gotta go now and deal with the Jacob and figure out what to do with the other one. Thanks for letting me blow steam.

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