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Re: Wooly Jacob "goat"

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Posted by Karen on April 29, 2002 at 13:32:57:

In Reply to: Re: Wooly Jacob "goat" posted by Helene on April 29, 2002 at 07:32:39:

The differance in horns is huge. If the ewes have 2 horns they look like a small spotted sheep with black horns. If the ewes have 4 or more horns they almost always look like scurs. If you are lucky the scurs at least bend the correct way. One of our lilac yearling ewes has got 4 horns and they are great! The top horns bend back over her head and the side horns are curling back nicly as well.

The rams have a much more impressive set of horns(just like bucks do) than the girls. Our last ram was a lilac and his horns were about 2' long all four and curled perfectly. Unfortunatly we only had him 2 breeding seasons. His last owner it seems forgot to feed him, for months. We bought wool and horns with that one. But he was nice and not to bad to handle for a ram. We just ran the daddy to our new lamb through the sale barn he was flighty animal and not safe, less safe than most stud animals. We are left with Curly a ugly lilac ram with good wool and good size. He is ugly because it looks as if he were injured at some point his top horns curl forward. This is frowned upon but not horrible as none of his horns infringe on eating, drinking, breeding, or living.

The gene that gives them the extra horns is the polycromaic (sp) gene. Two four horns do not always produce a fourhorn and two ,two horns do not always produce a two horn. As for the 6 and 8 horns I have only seen two both have been castrated. We are still looking and hope to find one sometime.

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