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Need to ask a favor

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Posted by GoatWorld on May 05, 2002 at 11:39:58:

Hi folks,

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the springlike weather.

I need to ask a favor of some of you GoatWorld Members - the problem for me anymore is time as I am sure that some of you already know that. What I'd like to do is ask for volunteers to help continue the building of GoatWorld. I'll give you a brief scenario and let any of you that are willing to decide if you are up to the various tasks.

The GoatWorld Picture Show has always been a big draw to GoatWorld. I have toyed with the idea of creating an automated "add your own picture" feature so that people (members and non-members alike) can add their photos without my assistance (or by adding them myself manually). The drawback to that system is security. So it has to remain a feature where photos are added manually or else we are going to end with photos of who only knows what. What is really needed is a couple of members to administer this feature. It's not difficult - primarily it takes a little time and HTML knowledge.

Another feature that is in definite need of attention is the GoatWorld Articles section. This primarily entails the research and/or writing of articles - including checking with the various resources for permissions and such to reuse an article written about any given, goat related subject. Nearly every week I come across a new article related to something that covers an aspect of the topic that has up to that point, not been written about.

There are other features and future features that I would certainly like to see further developed, but as I sit back and look at the whole scheme of things, I realize that I am going to need alot of help and cooperation. My belief is that if I can garner the support of a few people that are willing to help GoatWorld continue to grow in such a manner, it is not only going to benefit GoatWorld, but the visitors who have come to rely upon GoatWorld for accurate information and help. I just hope that everyone understands that GoatWorld is not Gary Pfalzbot just as Gary Pfalzbot isn't GoatWorld - it's a place that all of us have a had a hand in developing and building.

The number of emails I receive daily concerning various goat problems or questions can at times be overwhelming but I do try to answer each and every one of them. Of course, this in itself is taking up a bigger chunk of my free time on a daily basis.

I can't forget to mention the Goat911 feature. There are three parts to this feature and any of you are welcome to participate: the Goat 911 Online Response Team - this feature is where people who are in immediate need of assistance can write to via email and have a team of Capri-Medics respond back. This feature has done very well but each Capri-Medic is under their own set of pressures because the number of Capri-Medics who participate are limited.

The Goat911 Contact list (telephone support) - there are many Capri-Medics who have volunteered to be on this list, many different states and countries are covered, but still the need exists for those states and countries where no coverage exists.

The GoatWorld Emergency Evacuation Network - a feature where contacts are listed for various states and countries in which temporary shelter can be arranged for persons or farms who are suffering through a crisis such as fires or floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. I'd like to see this area receive a bit more coverage than it has.

As for actually becoming a volunteer or a GoatWorld Staff Member (we can work on coining a permanent, great sounding title for this), I welcome support of any level and can arrange to provide some type of compensation for your efforts. Whether it be through free memberships, discounts, paid services, whatever, I really feel that this will help GoatWorld evolve into a website resource greater than we have already made it, and, give each of us who apply our efforts, something to be very proud of.

Again, I want to stress that I am not the real success of GoatWorld - it is the members and visitors who have helped sustain it and bring the level of success it has achieved thus far. And just to quell any notions that I will be changing GoatWorld into something different, please understand that there are no plans to get rid of GoatWorld, raise membership fees, or anything of the sort. This is just a simple cry for help to the people who love and support GoatWorld already.

And I will truly understand the position that some of you may already have - not enough time or that you feel you have little experience in helping...believe me...I know how that can be. Whether or not this cry for help generates any volunteers, expect GoatWorld to remain. I would just really like to set up a Board of Directors type framework so that I know that anyone who has questions about goats or whatever is getting the response/help/assistance - whatever is needed. And I feel strongly that by asking the members who have shown their support by becoming a paid member is the best choice to keep things secure and stable for GoatWorld on a whole. We have each got to trust and respect each other on certain issues. Security is vital to ensure the success of this on a whole.

Best regards,

Gary Pfalzbot

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