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Re: pink eye??? mites???? who knows (Thanks Dalice for your reply about pink eye)

Twin Star Ranch Colostrum

Posted by GoatWorld on May 14, 2002 at 22:32:28:

In Reply to: pink eye??? mites???? who knows (Thanks Dalice for your reply about pink eye) posted by Cindy on May 13, 2002 at 20:40:08:

Hi Cindy,

You mentioned "hair loss"? That kind of sounds like mites to me. We had a pretty bad case of that going around earlier and I don't know if I was the one that started it or not. One of our goats has a habit of getting her horns caught in the cattle panels. Perfect time to check her over - and I noticed that she had a really bad, what looked like a waxy buildup in both ears.

Well, what I did was take a few drops of mineral oil and massage it into each ear. When applied, it kind of looked the way that hydrogen peroxide does when you put it on a cut. It started boiling. Upon a closer look, I noticed little "things" swimming in it - mites. Well, I kind of figured that if I put enough mineral oil on them, they would suffocate and it would clear them up. It did. In her ears. The survivors marched right out her ears and onto the area right behind her horns. In about a week. She looked like a shaven Shao-Lin temple goat.

I took a spray bottle and filled it full of mineral oil and sprayed her daily for about a week and her hair began coming back with no other areas going bald. I sprayed a great amount each time just to get a good coverage. Chances are this might work for your goats.

Just as a footnote, my wife raises alot of rabbits and they were getting the mites really bad too this year. I use the same method on them with excellent results. If you notice your goats have very crusty ears, liberally apply the mineral oil (within reason) and soften the crusty stuff up. You should be able to gently massage the majority of the crust up and out of the ear canal. Just be careful not to squeeze to hard and pay close attention to the areas that might be very tender skin. Those mites can draw blood and make the skin very , very tender.

Please keep us posted.

Best regards,


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