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Posted by Mary on May 23, 2002 at 04:58:03:

Just wanted to give everybody a "heads up" on the danger of mixing kids and corner hay feeders. Last evening I had a meeting to go to (I'm on the committee for the kindergarten graduation). All was well when I left. All the goaties happy and browsing. When I came home a couple of hours later....what a comotion. The dogs were all barking and ALL of the goats were screaming. I was thinking...OK, OK, you're glad to see me....sorry, I'm a little late with your grain...give me a break. Then I realized all this noise was not the normal....Hi, your late, hurry up screams. It's funny how when you really get to know your animals, you know when something is "off". I quickly did a head kid was missing....KoraJeans little girl...and KoraJean was running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Looking all distressed. I ran into the yard and headed towards the barns when I hear the screaming of a kid in distress. I entered the last barn, and it looked like a tornado had struck. Feed dishes scattered, water bucket tipped, benches knocked over...what a disater. There in the corner hay feeder was little Abby, woven through the spokes like she was part of a basket. She must have struggled herself down to the narrowest of the opening, and she was stuck....and screaming. Well, I have this response to emergencies where I become very calm and clear headed. I think it's from those years as an ER nurse. I quickly went over, untangled her, and lifted her out. I was scared to death as to what she would do when I put her down, as the position she was in was one in which she could have easily have broken her neck, or a limb. Upon putting her down, she staggered, and I thought....oh no...but it turned out she was just loosing her traction....spinning her hooves as she was trying to run away from the ordeal. Well, she went out....had a good drink frome mommy , and then proceeded to hop and skip with the rest of the kids. PHEW, she was fine. Well, as usual, my storm hits after my calm, and I broke into tears. I went to the house and headed right for the frig....I knew what I needed. There, in the pint of Ben's and Jerry's. LOL...while some people resort to a cold beer...I find comfort in a good ice cream. In walks my hubby...."You look frazzled" well duh...what the heck were you doing??? Didn't you hear all the comotion??? Poor guy, he took the lashing. Anyway, I'm so happy it was a happy ending. Now the hay feeders are packed with hay, and they will remain that way. I had cleaned the barn out earlier in the day, and had emptied the inside feeders to use for the bedding. I like to feed outside when we have nice weather. So my dear friends...that was my evening..just wanted to give a "heads up" so this doesn't happen to any of your goaties.

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