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Farm Animal Tees! Ivermectin

Posted by Karen on May 29, 2002 at 12:31:08:

Well one of the woolies had a slight accident last nite sometime. We have all of the baby woolies in a large box stall (foaling stall size), this lamb was a bit old when I banded her tail so she still has/had hers. While doing chores I went by the wooly pen and seen a tail sitting on the fence no big deal I thought the boys are always collecting tails and leaving them around. Well the little wooly turned and her hiney was just gross. First I figured scours, then I realized it was blood. Now both boys swear they did not do it and in the past when asked they have said yea they were trying to catch them and the tail just came off. So being tired I did not mess with it today however I had to get it cleaned up. Flys like that sort of thing and you can't tell if a lamb has a fly problem until it's too late. So as I am cleaning her I see all these yellow spots on her. Topping things off she has a major case of lice. Meaning all the woolies have it. Now call me strange but I can deal with animal blood and goo and all sorts of birthing disasters and get the job done no problem but BUGS FREAK ME OUT!!!!!!! So now tonite when goathater gets home I will be delousing woolies and looks like I will be checking the goats as well. This is one time goats are much easier than woolies, they at least want to be handled. Woolies want food and nothing else from you. So anyway off to look up dosages if somebody knows off the top of their head please post it. Thanks

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