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Amber Waves Pygmy Goats 3cc Syringe

Posted by Helene on June 19, 2002 at 07:35:18:

In Reply to: Re: OH NO....EWWW..HELP!! posted by GoatWorld on June 19, 2002 at 01:35:05:

She is walking around w/ gauze covering both holes and hating life because she can't get the gauze off..LOL..She looks at me like why the heck did you do this (smile)..I did call the vet yesterday, but I wanted to make sure that I talked to a specific vet. We have the most wonderful vet partners, or I should say had. One partner left, and they have a new guy that took over for one of the old, I am not saying cannot be good, just in experienced, he is the one who was on call when they gave Eris her c-section and I was not too happy about that either..but that is another story (smile)..

The vet pretty much said the same thing you you do know everything Gary (smile)..As far as the LA200 goes, I know it stings, (so do the goats..LOL but unfortunatly my hubby swears by this stuff..We do have some left, and the expire date is not up yet, but it is looking awfully yellow so I threw it out..The Naxcel believe it or not the vet gave us for Eris when she had her c-section. I have not read up on it too much, and decided to go for the Penicillan since it is what we had on hand. I will go and get more antibiotic today to use in the future.

One thing the vet did mention to me is that he had the same thing happen w/one of his bucks. He said the hole was about the same size (one is the size of a pea the other the size if a quarter). He said that it actually did heal, from the inside out but took like 2-3 months. I am also spraying the hole area with Furazolidone when I change her bandage, since we also had that on hand, to further help prevent infection.

We have some pretty top quality feed for our goats, I sent you that label not too long ago, I think you have it posted on the goat world site. It is the best feed mix you can get around here. It was created by a vet (the one that the other vet replaced) and we buy the non medicated feed, I really do not like to medicate unless we have too. It also believe it or not a lot cheaper than the Co-Op brand goat chow, and a lot more healthier. Also the loose minerals, they always have plenty of that, and good quality hay.

But with us having a smaller area than some for our goats, you still have to watch out closely for infection, regardless of what you feed them. The flies this time of year are so bad here!! The vet mentioned something called white worm fly spray, which I never heard of..Normally we get the liquid that you put in the thingy and hang on the roof of the barn..(the thingy..did that make sense (smile). Right now we have about 1-1/2 acres for our goats, and we have 9 plus the dog. No calves at the moment, we probably won't be getting any more until the fall again.

I am rambeling..I am sorry!! Thank you for the offer of getting things that I may not be able to m ay be sorry you mentioned it (smile). I need to go thru my first aid kit, but I will also check on antiboitic names you gave me. One thing you can't do here is teach an old dog new tricks..LOL..The vets swear by LA200, so do most of the farmers..including my father inlaw so that is where Mike gets it from. But I also know that LA200 does not work on EVERYTHING..regardless of what they might say (smile).

Thank you so much for your help Gary I really appreciate it!


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