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Posted by GoatWorld on June 29, 2002 at 09:57:06:

In Reply to: Guard Dogs posted by Dalice on June 29, 2002 at 08:50:35:

Hi Dalice,

The Great Pyrs are wonderful aren't they? I agree about that puppyish stage they go through - they will tear up everything they can. In our case, our first Great Pyr Angel, she liked to dig holes in the yard. I worked quite awhile trying to get the yard level in the first place and then she began digging up all the areas where I put fresh dirt - actually, rabbit manure.

Then a lady gave us a registered male Great Pyr Klondike that was being blamed for mischief by their neighbors. He wasn't too receptive to us at first but now he fits in just fine. Angel in the meantime who we had hoped to breed to Klondike was nearing her delivery date. We are still not sure what happened, possibly a pregnancy complication, but she died just before she would have had her litter. My wife was heartbroken as was I.

So now Klondike pretty much runs the show. He seems to have the sense to know when something is out of place - just last week one of our sheep was caught up in the vines and Klondike stayed about 50 feet from it the whole time, barking a few times every few minutes as if to alert us.

With Klondike, we have had him in with the goats but he seems more effective if he can roam the woods area around the pen. He's a great dog until it comes feeding time (in with the goats) when he lays down the law as to who's food is whose. The reason we took him out of the goat pen is because suddenly one of our goats came up with only half an ear. I didn't see it happen so I can only presume it was him. But you know goats, when it concerns food, they are curious, too curious, and one of them must have gotten to close for Klondikes comfort. He does the same thing with those pesky chickens when they come sneaking his food too. Great Pyrs are great. They will do their best to keep the varmints away.

Best regards,


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