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Posted by Helene on June 30, 2002 at 09:44:14:

In Reply to: Re: Guard Dogs posted by GoatWorld on June 29, 2002 at 09:57:06:

LOL Gary, Ralph is like that at feeding time. We usually feed both the goats and the dog at the same time, but the dog on the other side of the pen because the goats will try and get his food and well lets just say we almost wound up with goats w/no ears..LOL..Except for Bill E Jack, for some reason when Ralph gets on him for going near his food, Bill E Jack will just look at him like whatever..and keep eating..LOL..

We had a rough time w/Ralph when we first got him. He would go after our kids as to almost Cull the Heard. We really thought that he was not going to work out, and had to keep the kids seperated from him for a while. But to be honest the two kids he grabbed at were sick and eventually died. He grabbed them by the ears and tried to pull them away from the rest of the herd.

He also tried playing a little too rough w/the goats when he was younger, we did get him a shocker collar and that evidently worked. Now almost at 1 yr old, he still plays rough but only w/Bill E Jack and they are hyserical when they play together.

I thought I was going to have a problem with Ralph and Eris's kid Patrick a few months ago. Mike and I were outside, cleaning the bbq grill, putting new rocks etc in it and I heard Patrick scream LOUD!!! from what I could see it looked like Ralph was attacking him, I hurled that fence (boy I could never do that again if I tried) and it turned out Patrick got his head stuck in a piece of fencing that Mike and my sons accidently left out there when they were doing repairs (or I should say re enforcements) and Ralph was trying to get him out.

The only complaint I have with Ralph is that he will wander in the neighbors yard and bring their trash to ours. Our neighbors do not beleive in trash cans, they leave the bags outside. Mike just reinforced the fence w/some electric wiring so now Ralph can't get out and he does not like that..LOL..

WE got him for free. There was this old couple who bred and raised Great Pyr. They also had goats, cattle and chickens so the dogs were born around them. The woman's husband passed away and she had 3 puppies left and she wanted out of the breeding business. She was referred to us by a local breeder and Ralph came w/his papers and everything, we just needed to get him his shots. He guards our goats and calves with his life if he will only stop chasing my cat I would be I can excuse the catrillion things he has eatin in my yard..

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