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Goathater did it good this time OT

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Posted by Karen on July 12, 2002 at 21:37:39:

For those of you who are new my husband is a pro rodeo rider, he rides the roughstock event bareback broncs. Now at 28 most of you would think he is young but for a rough stock rider he is not, esp. since he has only been doing this for a couple of years. Most start at the ripe old age of 7yrs our son started at 4 yrs and loves it, he is now 5 and counting down the years to when he can ride BULLS of all things. Our county fair even has a mechanical bull he plans on ridding Sat. he would have ridden it tonite had his Daddy the goathater not done such a good job of plowing the arena floor. Of course it was a short plow the arena fence stopped him by the face, the horse he was ridding helped him to stop as well. It is hard to roll very far when you have a 900# horse standing on top of you. So my tall dark and handsome cowboy left the arena a very sore and dirty cowboy. His face is all scraped up, but somehow he managed to not break his nose again (first time was wrestling in H.S.). He may not be able to wear his cowboy hat for a few days because of the nice rose colored egg on his head. Fortunatly any major body parts escaped harm, but it does look like he broke his finger. I left him at about 10pm he was on his way to the hospital and I brought the boys home. On the up side this was at our local fair so he is close to home. Although I must say I am a bit concerned as the longer he waited the more he limped, he says there is a hoofprint on one of his calves, he hurt to much to show it to me. The broken finger wouldn't even be a big deal except it is on his right hand and is the middle finger. He is a Farrier and really needs his hands to work. I really hope that this will wake him up a bit. I don't mind him wanting to rodeo, in fact most of the time it's fun. But it sure would be nice if he would take up roping. Anyway I just had to blow some steam, I told him he is why my hair is turing grey, he just laughed. The morel of the story is listen to the song by Walen and Willy "Momma Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys". I think it's to late for Levi he is hooked, but I sure hope he grows out of it before he starts riding bulls.

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