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Re: doe kids with stiff front legs

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Posted by Karen on July 14, 2002 at 19:47:08:

In Reply to: Re: doe kids with stiff front legs posted by Cindy on July 14, 2002 at 15:53:27:

Cindy first move the duck feed. I checked with goathater because he is a farrier and feet is what he does. He said while he isn't 100% sure since he does horses not so much goats you might be dealing with founder or abbcesses. From what you have said about the duck food we are both leaning towards founder. Founder would make the hoof sole hot/warm to the touch, while in the process of foundering. If this has been going on for a time then they may be past the heat. Also when trimmed the white line in the hoof would widen out. If you look at the bottom of the hoof you will see the layers. First the hoof wall (just like the finger nail) then the white line (normally thinner than the wall) then the sole. Founder does not always mean that you have to put down the animal it happens in varried degrees. The hooves will normally grow fast and look sort of wrinkled but other than that you may see no differance. Bute given orally will help stop the pain check with a vet on the dosaga or perhaps somebody else knows it. Follow it exactly this is not a drug to overdose. An abcess can be caused by a number of things like a bruise or puncture wound. The bottom of the sole may or may not be showing signs of an abcess. Sometimes an animal will be 3 legged lame but all appearences of the foot seem normal. You can tell by paring away the sole. Often times the animal will be in sever pain when you get close to the problem. Check the foot often you don't want to bleed them. To check the foot keep pushing down on the sole until you find a spot that is mushy like a sponge, that would be the abcess. If the sole just gets a slight pink color but stays firm, stop if there is an abcess it is very deep and should be cleaned by a vet. Should you find a shallow one drain it well shoot peroxide into the wound and soak in epsome salts for a few days. Good Luck keep us posted.

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