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update on doe kids with stiff front legs, Karen I am still soaking

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Posted by Cindy on July 17, 2002 at 20:22:53:

Karen, I am still soaking with the epson salts and giving penncillin. I tied them to the gate tonight I made the lead short enough so they couldn't get down on there knees. They both would lift one foot off the ground a little one did it more than the other one. They still walk spider leggy the one is still worse about it than the other one, they stood tonight for about 1½ hours. When I let them back in the pen they didn't go on there knees right away before I went in the house one of them was eating hay on her knees I don't know if they have just gotten into the habit of being on there knees or what. I think I have decided I am going to see if the vet will test them for CAE isn't that caprine arthritis? There knees don't seem to be swollen and there mother doesn't have swollen knees and she walks just fine. Doesn't the mother pass the caprine arthritis to the babies through her milk? There mother really milk alot and I fed her milk to 4 other babies this year and none of them are having any problems walking so maybe that is a good sign, I am hoping it is just sore feet. I wander do you know is it expensive to have tests done for Caprine arthritis?
I almost forgot to tell Karen how many hores we have well we have more than we need 6 horses and 5 donkeys 2, we have a beautiful baby his mother was supposed bred to an appaloosa (spelling) he looks just like a gray donkey trimmed in black so we kinda think maybe she was bred to a donkey, but maybe he will change when he gets older he was born May 30th.
Well Thanks again for all your help

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