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Help...Heel Injury

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Posted by Leah on July 18, 2002 at 12:58:40:

One of my does injured herself last night while fighting in the never-ending battle of herd supremecy. While she and the herd queen were literally "butting heads" over who was to be this week's reigning champ, she cut her heel on a piece of metal siding that wasn't quite flush with the ground. It's a pretty bad cut. Quite deep, in fact and the heel is hanging off a bit.

We've had some rain here so everything is nice and muddy. I cleansed the wound with hydrogen peroxide and sprayed a bit of Furall topical antibiotic on the area (all I had) before covering it with a non-adhesive pad and wrapping it with conforming gauze and Vetwrap to help control the bleeding. I also gave her a Tetanus Anti-toxin shot (even though her vaccs are current) just to err on the side of caution.

This morning, I took the bandage off and treated again with the topical antibiotic and re-wrapped the wound. I contacted several vets in the area, whose advice was to leave it alone and let it heal secondarily. One vet did mention that if she wasn't walking on the foot that she may have cut a tendon. Well, initially, she WAS walking on it, but now she isn't. I called back and mentioned this to the vet who said it would be unusual for her to have cut the tendon and been able to walk on it, but that it was possible she nicked it and then by walking, tore it the rest of the way.

I thought I would wait and see how she does this evening before loading her up and shuttling off to the vet who is going to charge me a minimum of $25 just to walk in her door and tell me to go home and leave it alone. Of course, I don't want to ignore it either and end up with a lame goat.

Any thoughts? Most of the vets in this area either don't know or don't care about goats, so I naturally value the opinion of fellow goat breeders far above most of the vets around here! Any suggestions or opinions would be greatly appreciated.



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