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Re: Newbie here ;-).....and Question about a disbudded weather

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Posted by Helene on July 29, 2002 at 09:43:49:

In Reply to: Newbie here ;-).....and Question about a disbudded weather posted by Audrey M on July 28, 2002 at 06:23:53:

Hi Audrey and welcome!! Ahh I know exactly how you feel. To try and make a long story short, I have a LaMancha that was disbudded as a kid, but it did not take, leaving small horns. When she was in labor a few months ago, she banged her head, and knocked off one of her horns, the vet disbudded her again when she was put out, becuase she had a c-section, and low and behold last month they fell off, leaving HOLES in the top of her head, one was the size or a little larger than a quarter. It also went down clear into her sinus cavity, oozing and I freaked out!

I called the vet and what he told me to do was to keep it covered w/gauze, I also have some Furazolidone, which is an antibacterial spray for wounds and sores and I would spray that on them when I changed her gauze once or sometimes twice per day.

It has been maybe about a month now, and she is fully healed up. The important thing is to keep it covered so flies do not get into it. I was changing her bandage twice per day at the begining, then went to once per day.

The trick is to tape it so your goat cannot get it off! that was fun, but I mastered it..She hated it and would run when she saw me coming!!

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