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Posted by Karen on August 11, 2002 at 15:58:21:

As some of you know we live in Michigan and have been having a real hard time getting hay/feed in. The spring was to wet to plant, then too wet for the planted to grow and the hay to be baled. Fortunatly our hay guy hit the 2 week window and was able to get our order done and in , unfortunatly many were not so lucky. So with the 1st cut rained on and ruiened and 2 cut burned up along with the pastures already there are "boners" being run through the sale barns. We took a culled Jacob to the sale barn and at 85# she was round and not a bad sized ewe for a Jacob still being older and a novelty she only brought 21cents a pound. We also aquired 3 breeding age Suffolk ewes that seemed to be ok as far as body type and size. However these mature ewes only weighed in at 115#, 125# and 165# even the largest was a good 30#'s under weight, these also sold for 21cents a pound. Goats were bringing between $5 to $40 for does. Calves that were terribly thin brought as much as $1.10 a pound. It was also too bad that the rest of the stock was in the same shape, the exception being 1/2 dozen hogs. Calves, goats and sheep alike were all too thin with the exception of our ewe and a few goats 4 at the most. Normally we don't see this type of animal until late winter or early spring I think this was only the tip of the iceberg. We also noted a high amount of birds and rabbits being sold. Many of the chickens were clearly older cull birds that were being replaced by pullets but there were also more than the normal amount of pullets being sold at alarmingly low prices. I can't remember the time when I have seen young birds sell for $2.50 each. Just thought I would give you all an update on things here. I know some of you also sell in the sale barns and also wondered what others are seeing. We are expecting some thunder boomers with rain in the next few days say a prayer that we get it both for the farmers and the animals.

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