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Re: It's starting already

Farm Animal Tees! Hopi Ear Candles

Posted by Karen on August 12, 2002 at 05:04:34:

In Reply to: Re: It's starting already posted by Kari on August 11, 2002 at 21:11:24:

There is some gouging going on here but it's not that bad yet, there are people sitting on prime hay so they can get more $ this winter. Not sure if I mentioned it but the auction hay for good stuff was getting 2- 2.50. We didn't get any as we can get it out of the barns at that price why haul 3 hrs to pay that much. Our round bales are $25 each no matter what so on a good year he may be high by as much as $5 but on a bad year like this he has been offered $10 more than he has sold to us for, and turned it down. We have it set up so we pay as we take it so he is sitting on about 100 rounds that are not paid for and will set on them until we do. As he pointed out we stayed when we could go elsewhere cheaper and that means something to him. So to cheer you up a bit a handshake does mean something to some people still, as this agreement is not even written down anywhere. As for your sale prices help me out I know the $ value is way differant but I can't remeber what way it goes. I know that a girl was going to order some of my custom chaps but couldn't because I get $300 american and for her to meet that in Canadian it would have been to much. If any of you are in Michigan or Indianna and in need of 3rd cut alfalfa let me know our hay guy will be cutting the end of the month and so far we are the only ones that have spoke for any, and only 50 at that. His price will be out of the field. He calls and lets you know when he is bailing, you pick it up, you load it. These are not tossing bales they are decent sized, a bit hard to stack because there is not much grass or stalk to hold it together but all in all it's good.

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