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Re: Another goat dead!

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Posted by Karen on August 14, 2002 at 04:27:44:

In Reply to: Another goat dead! posted by Deborah on August 13, 2002 at 17:01:53:

I think Gary is right on this have the last doe posted and tested. Also ask if anytest could be done on the buck you lost, I know it sounds gross but sometimes things stay in the body for awhile and they may be able to learn something. Also have some blood drawn from the other goats and ask for a complete CBC and profile to be done, this should be only about $50 not more than $100 and depending on the clinic should be done in an hour or so. But if Gary is right and it is a build up of some toxin it could save the rest of the goats. Also I would take the stool from the doe that died and have that checked as well. Gary also mentioned Pnumonia as a possible culpret and it didn't cross my mind because they are adults but it is possible. If your weather is humid and hot it makes the lungs a perfect breeding ground for it. We lost our entire kid crop one year to a Pnumonia that killed within 24 hrs. Always it was the same they acted a bit loogy, they went down, they died. Once could be fine in the am and dead by lunch. This was from Pasturella Pnumonia, they have Pasturella in their bodies anyway but something sets it off and it just grows out of control. The problem being it attacks the outside of the lung first then the inside so the damage is done before you see any problems. It is my understanding that they should be treated by the loogy point if there is to be much chance of survival. Good luck keep us updated.

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