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Posted by Kerrie on August 20, 2002 at 07:34:43:

In Reply to: Pokeweed (ATTN Jodi Waits) posted by GoatWorld on August 19, 2002 at 10:24:33:

Gary, my grandma used to feed us poke greens, yes the very same Jodi is having trouble with. If picked early when it first comes up you can eat it, but you have to get it when the leaves are small. Cook it twice, drain the water after the first boil just after leaves wilt and then boil again drain and serve with bacon fat and vinegar. Taste a bit like mustard greens. I guess I made it this far without keeling over.I have a book on Native American ethnobotany and it says that poke was used as a laxative and a blood purifier by the Cherokees so depending on the amount eaten by the goats this may have been what happened to Jodi's. Sassafras grows here in CT too, tea taste like rootbeer gone flat(roots are used only). Couldn't find any place that said that sassafras was poisonous. Used Missouri Wild flowers, Native American Ethnobotany and Nebraska Weeds. Adjusting the Ph of soil will get rid of a lot of weeds in the pasture, weeds like acidic soil so adding lime and bringing up the Ph, will help a lot and is good for pasture grasses.
I have goat that eats Poke but never eats the berries which are poisonous when ripe.
Gary you need to get goin on those greens, Lamb's Quarter is good too(cooked only when young). =)

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