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Erin N. (Unregistered Guest)
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Posted on Sunday, August 28, 2005 - 01:34 pm:   

I have a two-year-old doe, Dazzle, that started showing what looks to be signs of Listeriosis. I have had three goats come down with Listeria in the past nine months. One of which, a one-year-old wether (it couldn't have been our awesome two-year-old buck or his gorgeous, two-month-old daughter) :-( we managed to save. So... my question is this: Has anyone out there had any success bringing any of their goats out of this? I know that usually on big production farms the goats are just culled, but my sisters and I love our little flock, and for us putting them down is only done when absolutely necessary. Now my youngest sister's favorite doe is sick. :-(

This morning Dazzle was acting really stiff in her hindquarters, her hindleg muscles were tremoring, and she had a running nose. Her appetite seems unharmed, for the time being. I gave her 5ccs Nu-Flor and 4ccs thimaine IM as soon as I saw her tremoring this morning.

The first signs of the disease, with my other three Listeria-infected goats were:
--one had leg tremors
--one started drooling and was becoming paralyzed on one side
--and the other started drooling and circling (this is the one that lived, even after being paralyzed and down for four days). -----Four days seems to be the time that tells what's going to happen - whether they will live or die. It's always happened on the fourth day after I've noticed signs of the disease.

Another thing that I just thought of... I gave Dazzle a shot of Cas-Bac yesterday. It really seems to make the goats slow and they almost act like they have a flu. I give the shot SQ, just behind the foreleg, so the day after the shot is administered the goats all limp and are really stiff on the side that the shot was given. BUT I still can't explain the stiffness of Dazzle's hindquarters and that's what makes me wonder if this is yet another case of Listeria.

Anything that anyone can even suggest for me to try this time around would be greatly appreciated. -Also, if you need any more info on Dazzle, please let me know. You can use my personal e-mail address if you would like.

Thanks so much,

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