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    I'm having a problem with a case of very bad dry skin on my goats. Is there some type of shampoo that you would recommend to help this condition?

  • You might try adding some black sunflower seeds into your feeding program. They tend to put oil into the coat and skin. Parasites can cause the hair to lose condition and will biting/sucking lice and mites. Also, offering a good loose mineral mix free choice provides goats their trace mineral requirements which will do alot for hair coat and general body condition as well.
  • The above answer was great! The BOSS will add fat to the diet which is where great hair starts from - inside. The loose minerals are very important, especially minerals for horses or cattle rather than the basic sheep and goat mineral which does not contain enough of anything for goats! You can also try finding a loose mineral mix which contains zinc. Anything you do try as far as shampoos, etc., make sure you rinse the goat very thoroughly and you may want to use a vinegar rinse to make certain you do not dry the skin out further from leaving residue on the hair.

  • Shampoos that I have used in the past with excellent results include "Mane & Tail" which was originally developed for horses I believe. This leaves the hair very clean and shiny, especially when followed up by the conditioner of the same name brand. "Johnsons Baby Shampoo" is a very good choice as well. On a special note, there have been studies linking an ingredient of some soaps - Sodium Laureth - as an ingredient that may cause cancer. I have made it a practice to not continue using any products containing this specific ingredient.
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