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"Moon Phases (Part 1)"

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Moon Phases (Part 1)
by Gary Pfalzbot
About the Author

For a number of years now, I have patiently studied the relationship between the phases of the moon and pregnant does giving birth. The data I have collected since approximately 1999 indicates a definite influence and likelihood that kids will be born within a 3 to 5 day window either side (waxing or waning) of the full moon. While the actual percentages change with each kidding, my calculations indicate better than 90% of "my" goats will give birth within this time frame.

This article will further explore my findings and take into consideration a variety of factors in this strange, yet intriguing phenomena. And before continuing, I must say that there are many skeptics to this theory. One must understand that this is just a theory and hasn't been clinically proven (yet). But while it is just a theory, there are just as many people that relate that their goats have repeatedly displayed a behavior that supports this theory. Before you form an opinion, please consider ALL the factors that I am presenting here.

The basic theory once again: There is a high probability that kids will be born within a 3 to 5 day window, either side of the full moon.

There are certain factors which have remained fairly consistent in my studies on this subject; first of all, since 1999, nothing has changed as far as the way I raise my goats and this primarily includes that I have never given them an elaborate shelter with any type of artificial light. Nearly all of my goats have been raised in a natural pasture setting although they do receive daily attention from a human source, i.e., feeding, watering, hoof care, trimming, milking, grooming, etc. These goats could not be considered feral (wild).

moon phase info

For the most part, my goats have been run together in a herd with several bucks and several does. They do of course follow the course of nature in which dominance and submission is sorted out without interference by a human - unless of course, a particular goat shows extreme weakness and separation from the herd is vital to its survival.

But before you take my findings as the logical explanation and indication of overall kidding behavior, do know that I earlier stated that this behavior can be expected better than 90% of the time. There have been exceptions and these exceptions are most often with a particular group of does and even in their subsequent offspring.

For example, I owned a doe that was reported to be a percentage Boer. She was supposedly a Spanish-Boer mix with no real definitive history. No matter how nice of a place I would fix up for her complete with warm bedding, straw, hay and water, she persisted on having her kids as far out of sight as possible in the pasture by a tree. And none of these kids were ever born during a phase of the full moon. Rather, they were born when there was no moon at all! Talk about being private! Furthermore, each of her doe offspring performed in the exact same manner for a few years afterward.

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About the author: Gary Pfalzbot is a Service Connected Disabled Veteran and the web master of GoatWorld as well as some other web sites. He has raised goats over the years, been involved with 4-H (as a young boy) and currently resides in Colorado where he and his wife Pam raise a few breeds of goats and other animals, and primarily author the GoatWorld web site to continue to inform, educate, and promote the industry.

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