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  • The following page covers of variety of dosages and applications for medications, antibiotics, and other injectables, as well as wormers and vitamin supplements, and comes from years of experience, not only by this author, but from several goat producers as well. Many medications and supplements on the market today are given "off-label". That is, the label information for any given product does not specifically contain information regarding dosages for goats. Use this page wisely but remember, if you have any question or concern on the use of a specific product, consult a licensed veterinarian before administration.

    Banamine: Anti-inflammatory that is good for bringing down high fever, stopping severe diarrhea in very young kids, calming the gut in digestive illnesses, and relieving pain and soreness associated with animal bites and other injuries. Cannot be used but once every 36 hours, because it builds up in vital organs and will cause permanent damage to the animal, including but not limited to ulcerations in the digestive system of the goats. Dosage is 1 cc per 100 lbs IM. Refrigerate

    Bio-Mycin 200: An antibiotic that is/can be used effectively for respiratory infections. One suggested dosage of Bio-Mycin 200 is twice a day administered at 1 cc per 30 pounds body weight, SQ.

    Tylan 200: For respiratory problems such as pneumonia. Dosage 1 cc per 25 lbs for 5 consecutive days IM. Refrigerate.

    LA 200: Broad-spectrum antibiotic use. Thick liquid is painful to the goats. Never use on pregnant does or kids under six but preferably under 12 months old. Interferes with bone & teeth formation both in utero and while kids are growing. Can cause abortion in pregnant does. Dosage 1cc per 25 lbs. IM every third day for a maximum usage of three doses. The non-sting version of oxytetracycline is called Bio-Mycin. Can be used for pinkeye. Refrigerate.


    Nuflor: Same as Naxcel. Administer IM every other day for a minimum of three injections. Dosage is 1 cc per 25 lbs. Refrigerate.

    Naxcel: Same as Nuflor. Administer IM every other day for a minimum of three injections. Dosage is 1 cc per 25 lbs. Refrigerate.

    Excenel: Same as Nuflor. Administer IM every other day for a minimum of three injections. Dosage is 1 cc per 25 lbs. Refrigerate.

    Gentamicin: Used in specialized cases due to an unspecified withdrawal time in milk and meat. Has been used with great success in conjunction with Penicillin G for persistent mastitis cases. Much success in using 1 cc of Gentamicin as an injection in the first 12 hour period, followed by a high dose of Penicillin G (5 to 10 cc's) the next 12 hour interval, and followed by another 1 cc injection of Gentamicin during the next 12 hour interval...this 12 hour alternate treatment for at least 5 days but no more than 7 days combined has been extremely effective in treating persistent mastitis. As with any injections or treatments, it is advised that you work in conjunction with a veterinarians recommendations.


    C & D Antitoxin:

    Penicillin G:

    Oxytetracycline: See Bio-Mycin

    Vitamin B Complex:

    Vitamin B12:

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    About the Authors:
    Much of this information is the result of conversations conducted in the GoatWorld Message Forum.

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