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The following discussion appeared in the GoatWorld Message Forum. This message thread may or may not be indicative of the exact problem you are experiencing, and may also contain information that leads to other topics, but should be considered as a reference for comparative purposes.

Original Question:
"I got this doeling about a week ago and she is suffering from malnutrition and respiratory problems. She was given Excenel 3 times over 6 days and it hasn't worked. She has a runny nose and a junky cough. Today I let her have too much milk and she got enterotoxemia. The vet didn't have C & D antitoxin but gave her a 1/2 cc of banamine (her temp was 105.6). Was also given some Nuflor for her respiratory problems as she thinks it's pneumonia.
The first question - is there anything else I should do for her for the entero (enterotoxemia)?
The second question - can I give her the Nuflor now? How much and how often?
Although she is better than before, her temperature was 104.3 and her breathing is raspy and rapid."

You can give pepto bismol for the enterotoxemia to help with the acidosis. You may need to repeat the CD antitoxin several times if this is really enterotoxemia. Penicillin is often given to kill the bacteria that causes enterotoxemia. Is she eating? In all of my experiences with enterotoxemia the kid was very sick, completely off feed, down and eventually died within a few hours, even though I treated with antitoxin, banamine, penicillin and pepto bismol. Are you sure she actually had (has) enterotoxemia? What were her symptoms? For treating respiratory disease (pneumonia) the excenel should have been given daily (once a day) at 1 cc per 25 pounds by SQ injection. Nuflor is given at 3 cc per 50 pounds by SQ injection every 4 days. It is primarily used for e. coli and salmonella infections. It may not be effective unless given in the first few days of infection. I have had very good results with giving the excenel if it is given daily and I have had good results with Tylan 200 given at 1 cc per 20 pounds by SQ injection once a day. Seems to me you can begin the treatment for the pneumonia right away.

Followup Response:
"Her symptoms this morning were bloating, lethargy, unsteady gait. She laid down and didn't want to get up. That went on for about three hours and during that time I gave her milk of magnesia and coffee/karo/vit b on advice of another post. I temped (took a temerature reading) her about 1:30 and it was 105.6 and thats when I took her to the vet. If the nuflor isn't good for respiratory problems would Pen G be better? If so, how much and how often? She also has a liquid poop which is yellow. That is still happening. I gave her 5cc of Childrens Motrin and a half bottle of water. I also have Bio-Mycin 200. Would that be better than Pen G?"

Penicillin isn't much good for respiratory infections. I have a friend that says she gets good results with giving Bio-Mycin 200 TWICE a day at 1 cc per 30 pounds by SQ injection for respiratory infections. I haven't had to treat pneumonia in quite some time but the last time I did I used Tylan 200. Before that I used Naxcel (same as excenel but you have to give it twice a day instead of once).

Followup Response:
"Should I let her have her bottle?"

Yes let her eat. If she is eating she is over the worst of her digestive upset. Feed her frequently but smaller amounts. Be sure you hold the bottle in a natural nursing position, low to the ground and with the nipple nearly vertical. You can get her on the bottle, then lower it to the correct position and she will follow it... This puts the kid crouched down with their neck bent. This closes the groove in the esophagus that leads to the rumen. Doing so helps to ensure the milk goes into the correct "stomach"; the abomasum. If milk goes into the rumen the kid is prone to getting a tummyache and will certainly give a kid diarrhea. If you are using milk replacer be sure you are not mixing it too strong. The powder should not be packed into the measuring cup (it should be fluffy) and it should be level not rounded. Be sure any milk replacer you use is made especially for goats, not calves or lambs and has 100 percent milk protein, NO SOY OR WHEAT. The dose for the Motrin is 1 cc per 10 pounds. Be careful about overdosing it does carry a risk of digestive ulcers just like any other NSAID drug.

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