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Split Hoof
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Posted by Sandy Pavlick on December 17, 2000 at 17:36:08:

My buck has split his foot between the pads. I'm not sure if he has cut it on something or if it is a foot problem. It was bleeding a little so I put sprayed it with an antibiotic. No sigh of infection yet. We live in the south and have had alot of rain lately if that helps any.

Response by Bernice on December 18, 2000 at 18:15:36:

I live in the south too, in VA. last yr we had a very wet spring and a few of my girls got sore hooves. i closely inspected and founf in betewwn the toes at the top there was this whitish fungus stuff, so i tried Coppertox on their hooves. it is a greenish like liquid that you apply. It stains badly too. it instantly dried out the hoof area and protects from wetness. You can also try peroxide and some folks use a bleach solution, i haven't had to try that yet. But as jess said... keep those hooves trimmed and it will help a lot. Be a bit more aggressive about trimming for hoof problems, like trim every 10 days or so. hope this helps and good luck

Response by Jess A on December 18, 2000 at 14:23:34:

I live in NE Ohio and have found that during the late fall and early spring rains the goats hooves will split. None of mine have bled but I could see that happening if the animal was rough on the hurt foot. To help remedy the splitting I cut off the excess of the hoof and try to keep it as dry as possible. I put down wooden pallets outside so they can go outside without having to soak their feet. Also some horse hoof care products might help in a severe case. Biggest thing I would recommend to help your buck would be to get those hooves dry! I know how hard that can be but it really seems to help.

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