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  • I was reading the posts about fly control and thought the idea of hanging socks with Golden Malrin was excellent! This is another idea for eradicating horseflies, for those of you who also have horses or donkeys. Several years ago, I put up gourds for Purple Martin housing. Now Purple Martins really do not eat that many mosquitos; they like something about the size of a dragonfly. I noticed that we weren't having problems with horseflies a few years ago, to the point where I didn't even spray the horses. I thought it was just a low year for the flies. Then my husband & I went to the state park horseman's camp. We were nearly eaten alive! I finally put two and two together. It takes about 8 pair of Purple Martins (with a nest full of hungry babies) before you get total control. Then you will have only stable flies to mess with. The down side is that Purple Martins leave our area about mid-August. Then we have to break out the spray. But it is good for most of the summer! 24/7

  • Take ziplock baggies and fill 1/2 with plain water.Tack them in the rafters of the barn/milking area, etc. A friend of mine told me she saw this at a pig barn and was told it was for flies, so I tried it. I Have done this this year with great results. I have also been feeding my horses garlic. I use the chopped garlic from the produce section of the supermarket. It comes in a big glass jar. I put 1 tablespoon in each feed bucket 2x a day at first then after about a week once a day seems to keep up the effect. I had so many flies on my horses at the beginning of this spring and now they are down to so few I rarely spray them. Even the big black mare who always gets tons of flies and a summer sore to prove it. This year her skin is great.I tried to switch to dehydrated garlic and the flies returned. I haven't wanted to give it to the goats because I didn't know how it would affect milk taste. Although my lactation consultant friend told me garlic sweetens human milk - I haven't tried it.

  • Something I saw my dad do many years ago, and tried myself just a few years back is to modify a "bug zapper" so that it also works against flies. In bug zappers such as the "Stinger", there is an electrical grid that "zaps" the bugs. This part needs to be modified so that the two grids sit closer to each other (about the distance of a medium sized fly). Also, you will need to cut away the plastic guards that surround the zapper grids. But be careful. You want to keep this device up and away from people, small children and especially animals that can climb such as cats. Next, most of the zappers come with a tube fluoresent light that is located in the center of the zapper unit (used to attract bugs). Some models will work without the light but for all intent and purpose, I am explaining this for the model that needs the light to operate. Take the light out and wrap a couple of pieces of bacon with dental floss to it, making sure the bacon will not touch the electrical grid. Alternatively you can also use a jelly such as grape jelly and "paint" the light somewhat with it. Insert the light, plug it in and you will have some instant customers!
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