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By: "Mrs.Farzana Panhwar"
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Goats are an extremely reliable alternative to controlling unwanted brush and weeds on your property - brush and weeds that could be tinder for a fire! Our brush control program can help you get your unwanted brush and weeds under control without alot of back breaking work on your part. No job is to large or small for our goats. They are ready and willing to tackle your brush. We come to you! When you contact us, a representative will setup an appointment to come out and look at the area you wish to have controlled. Based upon the type of weeds and brush you have and the terrain of the area to be controlled, a solution will be presented to you as well as the overall length and cost of the project. While we try to accommodate all situations, there are certain projects we cannot take on for purposes of liability and safety of our goats:

  • Those areas that are bound to covenants and restrictions which prohibit the presence of livestock. In certain cases, a permit may be obtained to allow the temporary dwelling of livestock for control purposes.
  • Any area or situation in which predatory threat is deemed harmful to the goats. This area also includes domestic dogs which may be determined to be a threat to the goats.
  • Any area that includes various species of vegetation that is known to be harmful or poisonous to goats. While goats will eat a large variety of vegetation, certain plants can be fatal. Our representative upon initial contact will inspect the type of vegetation you wish to have controlled.
  • Any area that has been treated with herbicides or pesticides of any type within at least the last 2 years. Such chemical treaments include but are not limited to: Transline, Round-up, Tordon and Tordon-K.
  • Any area that has any type of threat of danger not otherwise listed. Dead goats cannot eat weeds and brush!

It should be known that goats provide an organic solution to your vegetation problems. As the goats do their job, they will leave behind a certain amount of manure that in turn, fertilizes your soil over time. Of course this fertilization can lead to more vegetation, however, once you have your initial infestation under control, we highly recommend the planting of various natural grasses, shrubs or trees to smother out the unwanted vegetation. Our representatives can assist you in a revegetation plan to keep your land useful and clean.

How long will it take? This largely depends upon how large an area you need controlled and the density of the infestation. On an average, 3 to 4 full size goats can put a good dent in an acre of land within a couple of days.

About the author:
Mrs.Farzana Panhwar, President
The Sindh Rural Women’s Up-lift Group.
157.C. Unit.No.2.Latifabad.Hyderabad
Sindh, Pakistan

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