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The following discussion appeared in the GoatWorld Message Forum. This message thread may or may not be indicative of the exact problem you are experiencing, and may also contain information that leads to other topics, but should be considered as a reference for comparative purposes.

Original Question:
"My goat had one of her babies Monday night and the other one Tuesday morning. I say that because when I went out check on momma at 9 PM, she had her baby and had already passed the after birth. When I went out Tuesday morning to check on her, she had another baby and the baby's cord was still very moist and bloody. The mom will not accept the second baby and will not allow it to eat. This should not be a problem except I have to work during the day and can't make the mom allow the baby to feed. I have tried "Mother Up" and everything else I know. How can I make the mom accept the other baby? The baby is so hungry by the time I get home in the afternoon. Is the mother not accepting the other baby because it has a deformed mouth (top lip extends way out over bottom) or because she only bonded to the first?"

Are you sure it is her baby? And yes, many does will not accept a deformed kid - they just know (sense) it is not right. It could also be the amount of time between the births making the doe believe the kid is not hers. You can keep trying to get the doe to accept the kid, sometimes they come around after a week or so. Pen her and her kids up in a small pen. Plenty of kids do fine on the schedule you have this one on. Bottle feed the kid more often while you are at home and right before you leave for work and it will be fine. You could get a kid bar (this is a bucket with nipples - many livestock supply companies carry them) so you can leave milk or formula out all day for the kid to have access. The kid has severe parrot mouth which is an overbite. You might also examine the kid's upper palate to be sure it is fairly normal. A kid with a cleft palate is destined for a life of poor nutrition and respiratory problems because food goes where it shouldn't. A kid with such a severe overbite will also have tooth problems because the teeth do not line up properly and that only gets worse with time, making eating solid food very difficult.

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