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By: "Nutrient Requirements Of Goats - Number 15, 1981, National Academy Press"
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Folks, I am a bit disturbed about a recent situation that occured involving the chat room and the announcement of chat times on some of the many goat lists that are in existence. I am not going to indulge in naming names here, but I want to "officially" clear the air about this practice once and for all. And while I am not for the most part, the type of person that is going to stand up on a soap box or start a war with anyone else, there are certain things that I simply cannot approve of, and things that certainly make me feel rather perturbed.

It was stated on more than one occasion that "posts" to other lists regarding a scheduled chat room discussion were being considered SPAM mail by a few of the lists members. Well, as it is translated, SPAM is unsolicited email which attempts to sell a product or service, whether directly or indirectly.

Since many of these lists pertain to the care and raising of goats (as does the GoatWorld chat room, informing people that there is a "chat" cannot be considered SPAM email. The chat room in no way, shape or form attempts to sell anyone anything. It is a free service that has been designed to bring like minded goat people together to discuss - you guessed it - goats!

Had there been an attempt on our part to make the chat room a paid service whereas a person had to subscribe to be able to participate, yes. That could be considered SPAM. Likewise, a number of the post one will receive on any of these lists could also be considered SPAM as well sincve they do not neccessarily pertain to goats, OR THEY DO try to sell you a product or service.

Overall, I feel that a number of people loosely interpret the meaning of the word SPAM and are quick to apply it to anything they don't like or do not fully understand.In other words, a quick generalization. Now what I'd like to know is where are these same people's voice and opinion when it comes to commercials on television or radio. And while GoatWorld does in no way, shape or form prohibit or promote the practice of sending out unsolicited email (SPAM), we do support what we initially set out to do - learn about goats and meet other people.

The fact that a person is on a list is fact enough to prove that they have literally agreed to receive email pertaining to a particular subject, and have likewise agreed to accept that some of the posts they receive, they may not like or agree with. But to quickly label a chat room pertaining to goats as unsolicited, I do not think this is right.

In fact, I think that much of the hoopla surrounding this has been spawned more out of jealousy than out of thinking the chat room inappropriate. The persons who have actively been involved with the GoatWorld chat room since the beginning have avidly praised it's existence. Many a thing has been learned and likewise, many a goat's life has been saved.

Furthermore, I feel some of the people who openly scorn the chat room, announcements about it's schedule, and it's use and purpose overall are overlooking the facts and only fooling themselves. These are people who are in a position within the goat industry and have found themselves a comfortable little niche. They profess to be helping the goat industry as a whole when in reality, they are only helping themselves and in it for the money or to make themselves a name.

Folks, I've watched one industry totally topple itself with this type of attitude and behavior and albeit, though I'm somewhat of a newcomer to the goat industry, I'm not about to let it happen to the goat industry if I can help it. Therefore, I am asking for your support on this matter. If you appreciate the chats on GoatWorld, tell a friend. This is the true "level playing field" that was once the promise of the Internet before big business as well realized that it could capitalize and control it just as they do the media. It's your choice and your voice to make a difference.

About the author: The majority of this information was researched from various tests and sources.
"Nutrient Requirements Of Goats - Number 15, 1981, National Academy Press"
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