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"Feeding Goats for Improved Milk and Meat Production (Part 9)"

Amber Waves Pygmy Goats
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USDA Rural Information Center

Feeding Goats for Improved Milk and Meat Production (Part 9)

By: George F. W. Haenlein
Cooperative Extension Dairy Specialist University of Delaware

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  • TABLE 7. Effect of feeding urea-ammonia treated rice straw on weight gain of young Indonesian goats (1)
    Daily weight gain , g
    9 weeks 13 weeks
    Rice straw 75% + cassava leaves 25% 53 45
    Rice straw 50% + cassava leaves 50% 91 92
    Treated rice straw 75% + cassava leaves 25% 93 84
    Treated rice straw 50% + cassava leaves 50% 105 101
    Treated rice straw 100% 11 27

    (1) From Devendra, 1987.

    TABLE 8. Body Condition Scoring of goats
    SCORE 1
    Animal aspect: Emaciated, backbone is highly visible, forming a continuous ridge, flank is hollow, ribs can be seen, pelvic bones are prominent
    Sternum: Sternal fat can easily be grabbed with the fingers, it is flat and slightly hard, moves with the hand, sternal joints and beginning of ribs can be felt with slight touch of fingers
    Lumbar: Lumbar vertebrae can be grabbed with the hand, they are rough and prominent, no muscle or fat thickness is noted between skin and bones, transverse and articular processes are easily felt with the fingers
    SCORE 2
    Animal aspect: Slightly rough boned, backbone still visible with continuous ridge, prominent pelvis
    Sternum: Sternal fat is thicker, still can be grabbed with the fingers, there is a small tissue layer between the skin and the sternal joints

    Lumbar: Vertebrae can be grabbed with the hand still, but tissue mass appears over the transverse processes, outlines of the transverse processes are more difficult to follow with the fingers, spinous processes are less prominent, articular processes can still be felt with the fingers
    SCORE 3
    Animal aspect: Backbone not prominent, pelvis well covered
    Sternum: Sternal fat is thick, not mobile, difficult to grab, surrounded by tissue, palpation is needed to find the sternal joints
    Lumbar: Tissue is covering lumbar vertebrae, but can be grabbed with 3 fingers, gliding with the fingers over the spinous processes a slight hollow is felt, articular and transverse processes are no longer found.

    SCORE 4
    Sternum: Difficult to grab the sternal fat because of its thickness, covering the sternal joints
    Lumbar: Difficult to put fingers under transverse processes, wrapped in thick layer of tissue, spinous processes can no longer be felt, are continuous
    SCORE 5
    Sternum: Sternal fat can not be identified nor grabbed, thick mass covers ribs and sternum
    Lumbar: Thickness of tissues obscures transverse and spinous processes

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