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By: "Nutrient Requirements Of Goats - Number 15, 1981, National Academy Press"
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Posthitis, also known as sheathrot or pizzlerot, has been reported in male goats (Shelton and Livingston, 1975). This problem has been studied extensively in Merino wethers in Australia (Osborne and Widdows, 1961; McMillan and Southcott, 1973). The causative agents are thought to be a high protein ration in combination with the presence of a urea-hydrolyzing organism such as Cornyebacterium renale (McMillan and Southcott, 1973; Barajas and Biberstein, 1974; Shelton and Livingston, 1975). The problem appears to be aggravated by confinement to areas where irritation or infection are more likely to occur. The problem is not likely to be a serious one with goats, except with mature Angora wethers kept for hair production. The problem may also occur with individual breeding bucks kept in confinement.

About the author: The majority of this information was researched from various tests and sources.
"Nutrient Requirements Of Goats - Number 15, 1981, National Academy Press"
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