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(Based on average gestation period of 150 days)

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BRED BIRTH* MARKET (3 months of age)
July December (-3) March
August January (-3) April
September February (-3) May
October March (-1) June
November April (-1) July
December May (-1) August
January June (-1) September
February July (-0) October
March August (-3) November
April September (-3) December
May October (-3) January
June November (-3) February
* To determine day due to birth, take bred day and subtract the number listed after the month in the middle column from the day she was bred. This will give you the day due in the month listed as the birth month. For example, if bred July 10th, the doe would be due to birth December 7th and the kids would be three months old on the appropriate day of the month listed in the "Market" column. If bred November 20th, she would be due to birth on April 19th, ect.

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