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By: "Nutrient Requirements Of Goats - Number 15, 1981, National Academy Press"
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I've been asked by a great many people over the last year of how to make a web site work. Well, this article deals with this issue strictly and is intended for not only the beginner, but advanced web site owners as well. Before I begin I want to clearly state that this article is not intended to try and sell you any services we may offer. This article merely is an insight and reflection on the "state of the art" Internet way of doing things.

Let's first examine a few known facts: A) Large corporations, small businesses and individuals all have the ability to use the Internet. B) Large corporations can afford to advertise and promote their product(s) more easily than small businesses and individuals. C) Large corporations have more clout in getting their web site advertised on radio, TV or print based publications than do small businesses or individuals.

One of the most common problems is that a person will build a web site only to find that a year later they have only had less than 1,200 visitors in that year. That's less than 100 visitors per month! That's not much traffic and that is not good exposure. Yet, other web sites are getting 1,200 visitors and more per day. Some web sites report as many as 1 million visitors per month! That's alot of traffic and that is alot of exposure! But don't let the numbers fool you.

Studies have shown that commerce web sites that do not suceed within the first year never suceed and are usually out of service by the second year. The amount of traffic in the first year determines this. Information sites predominantly take two years to prove themselves successful or a failure.

Some web sites "claim" the amount of traffic they get while other web sites "prove" the amount of traffic they get by placing a HIT COUNTER on their web site for their visitors to see. Each time a visitor comes to their site, the HIT COUNTER registers 1 hit. Simple and easy. These "numbers" are indeed very important as nearly everyday, a web site owner will receive offers for other companies and web sites to advertise on their web site. Believe me, these advertisers are really only interested in two things: money and the number of visitors your site receives each month.

Would you want to advertise YOUR product or service on a web site that only gets 100 hits per month when you can advertise on a web site that gets one million hits per month? This is a very important consideration when YOU decide to advertise on another web site.

For the most part, it us against them; them being the large corporations that can afford to advertise on television - a simple web address and the audio/video portion that goes along with the advertisement sticks in a persons mind. There is great probability if you see it on tv and it sparks your interest, you are going to take a look at the web site. This alone is an obstacle from the small business/individual aspect that must be overcome in order to succeed. Face it, larger corporations have that ability to get instant exposure while most of us do not.

For this reason alone and no other, this is why it is very important to LINK your web site everywhere you can. These links are accomplished through banners, text links, pictures etc. But it does not stop there. For example, GoatWorld has many links to many goat related web sites. But GoatWorld is also linked on many other web sites as well. That is important because it helps create a network of websites from which GoatWorld can be easily accessed. Without your link being placed on other web sites, your web site is just one of several million similar sites that goes without notice.

Of course there is certain etiquette that applies to linking your web site to other web sites. It is always the best choice to ask permission to link to a web site (many web sites welcome the prospect for obvious reasons). By doing so, you are establishing a relationship with other web site owners who may be very helpful in the longrun. They too realize that it is us against them. And in dealing with larger corporations, it is best to ask each and every time. A few years ago, TicketMaster challenged Microsoft for linking directly to their online ticket purchase feature.

One also needs to be very careful as well as to the nature of the company for whom they wish to link with. For example, a number of years ago Mitsubishi was under severe criticism for their actions in destroying rain forests. Certainly if you or your target traffic is environmentally concious, you would not want to have an association with a web site or company that is anti your own beliefs.

I choose to think of the Internet as a library in many ways. The same model that applies to the real world also applies here. There are countless numbers of resource sites but there are ten fold that many sites in which the information is scattered about. When you go to a library you expect to find fiction books in the fiction section. Gardening books in the garden section. Imagine going to the automotive section and instead finding books on rabbits or cattle. Would you return to that library?

About the author: The majority of this information was researched from various tests and sources.
"Nutrient Requirements Of Goats - Number 15, 1981, National Academy Press"
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