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"American Alpine Registration 10th Cross-Rule (Part 1)"

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By: "Sue Rehyna"
About the Author

I spent much of the weekend looking through old minutes and old Goat World articles . . . and making lots of notes. The tenth cross rule is not as simple as one would think. There's background to be considered. So what you're going to get is a "series" on the subject . . . because my employers have the silly idea I'm here to work. But I must say it's interesting and I suspect I shall, before long, flesh out the bare bones version here and put it into the Alpines International Newsletter or NWODGA News or somewhere. My first clue was a note from the January 1934 Goat World by the AMGRA secretary about the passing of a "...rule governing the registration of grade animals attaining the 10th cross continuously using pure sires of the same breed." (Unhappily, I have not been able to read those minutes for myself because they seem to be missing from my cache of minutes waiting to be put onto disk.) But the note goes on to say that "This was attempted by some breeders in 1924 based upon the 5th cross, but defeated as being lacking in sufficient pure blood to warrant uniform reproduction."

Wanting to check out this earlier attempt, I went to the 1924 AMGRA minutes to ascertain exactly what this proposal was, but (as we find in our current BOD meetings) it seems the writer's memory was faulty. The only reference to breed acceptance in the 1924 minutes was the discussion of " . . a communication and resolution from Mrs. Mary E. rock to recognize certain lines of breeding and to appoint a committee to investigate and report back at the next meeting."

I include that resolution here because of previous discussion about Rock Alpines: There having been some very excellent animals produced by crossing one breed on another and commonly known as crossbreeds, notable among which are what are known as the Rock Alpines, be it resolved that a committee of competent, reliable, breeders be appointed at the regular annual meeting of the A.M.G.R.A. to investigate the matter and inspect whether personally, or through one of its members, the herd of Mary E. Rock, of Santa Barbara, who has bred continually the Rock Alpines for the past fifteen years and report back its recommendations relative to admitting said stock to our records as pure Alpines or continuing to credit them with the percent of Toggenburg, Saanen or Nubian blood their tracings show, as heretofore.

A committee was indeed named (Geo. F. Etzel, W. O. Washburn and Winthrop Howland) but no action was taken on the proposal at this meeting. Because I have not yet located the action related to the "5th Cross proposal," this subject will have to await further research. However, in trying to locate the reference, I did discover that the [rather heated] discussion was really begun, in a formal sense, some years earlier. A series of five articles, written by Dr. Abbi H. Retlaw Selrahc) titled What is the Goal Goat Breeders are Striving to Attain began in the February 1922 issue of Goatworld and continued through June. These articles are subtitles, respectively, Cross-Breds or Pure Breds, Is It Pedigrees?, Is It Official Testing, The Goal, and Applying the Principals of Mendelism to the Breeding of Milk Goats.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

GoatWorld Editor Note: Please note that references to "Goat World" within this article refer to a separate entity entitled "Goat World" that existed many years ago. I am extremely happy to be carrying the torch for a name that has already been previously used but out of respect for this entity, we have chosen to use the name GoatWorld and not Goat World so there shall be no conflict of interest.

About the author: No information is available about this author.

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