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"American Alpine Registration 10th Cross-Rule (Part 5)"

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By: "Sue Rehyna"
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Letters sent to the Secretary requesting him to hand them to others to be read on this subject at this meeting by Mr. and Mrs. Howland, with an enclosure. One from Mr. and Mrs. Ettien and others all of whom stated their views and reasons for same. This became tedious and the members grew restless for action. These first two letters were read by Messrs. Large and Vigal. Mr. Diener commented upon the letters read and countered by reading letters from himself to the Misses Kirby and Saunders, also letters from Secretary TeWalt to these ladies in which there seemed to be nothing but the most cordial feeling existing between the Misses Kirby and Saunders, Mr. Diener and the Secretary, each of the later speaking in the highest terms of all of the others including Mrs. Sparks. Mr. Diener moved the adoption of the Sparks, Kirby and Saunders resolution, which was lost for the lack of a second.

Without a motion before the house, general discussion prevailed. Mr. Diener again moved the adoption of the sparks, Kirby and Saunders resolution and again lost for lack of a second Mr. Diener moved to adjourn which was not seconded. Mrs. Hoodwin commented upon the 10th cross . . . Mr. Diener moved none of the above resolutions bearing upon the 10th cross be considered. Seconded by Mr. Wilson. Carried unanimously."

In December 1935, A. duBois Freeman answered publicly a "circular letter" written by Mr Timothy Brownhill, Manager, Better Way Farm, Spring Valley, Calif. This letter evidently did all but ask for the removal from office of all those involved in passage of the 10th cross rule, citing the "underhanded way in which it was made." Mr Freeman answers him,"Our directors are -- nearly all-- the oldest living importers and breeders of milk goats in this country. If they do not know about what is best for, and most in the interest of the industry; their wisdom gained at much cost, through years and years of experience, experimentation, and close observation; who, can we reasonably suppose, is better qualified for their places, who can repudiate their rulings, and replace them in office? . . .

When such almost life-long breeders as the Howlands, the Ettiens, TeWalts, and many other old breeders, of unquestioned reputations, have, themselves proposed the "Tenth Cross" rule as an aid to the further advancement of the industry; and with patriotic sentiments toward both the Milk Goat Industry, and our own country, in the establishment of American Purebreds, instead of playing lackey to foreign countries; or the breeders of foreign countries, who only laugh at our child-like simplicity, and want of pride in our own capabilities, and country." [yes, that's his own syntax] He also notes that the Tenth Cross move was suggested and urged by officials of the Department of Industry, in Washington, D.C., long before it was taken. Ironically, he suggests that "...there never has been anything to hinder persons so inclined from organizing their own association of fancy stock breeders, with limits as narrow as they wish..."

P. S. The first ad noting the incorporation of the American Goat Society "for the purpose of establishment, maintenance and publication of pedigree records of purebred dairy goats . . ." appears in the October 1935 issue of Goat World.

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GoatWorld Editor Note: Please note that references to "Goat World" within this article refer to a separate entity entitled "Goat World" that existed many years ago. I am extremely happy to be carrying the torch for a name that has already been previously used but out of respect for this entity, we have chosen to use the name GoatWorld and not Goat World so there shall be no conflict of interest.

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