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"Angora Goats in the Midwest (Part 7)"

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Angora Goats in the Midwest (Part 7)

By: "R.M. Jordan, Extension Animal Specialist, Univ. of MN"

  • About the Author
  • Table 4. Summer management of angora kids (summer of 1985, 1986 and 1987)



    Items Grazed with dams
    no creep
    creep fed
    Not weaned,
    creep fed

    Initial age, days 57 60 56
    Days fed 70 70 70
    Number of does 18 -- 16
    Initial doe wt., lb 98.1 -- 95.9
    Wt. change, lb -5.5a -- 1.8b
    Daily intake, lb
    TDN -- -- 2.09
    Protein -- -- .40
    Kid data
    No. kids 20 16 16
    Initial wt., lb 27.9 29.3 27.5
    Wt. change, lb 10.6 10.6 14.3
    ADG,lb .154c .154c .198d
    Creep intake, lb -- 1.03 64
    Creep intake/lb gain -- 6.69 3.22
    Feed cost/doe1 $3.33 $1.67 $7.40
    Feed cost/lb gain1 $.285 $.501 $.674

    1Feed costs: Alfalfa hay and corn, $.04/lb; creep feed, $.05/lb. Pasture for lactating does and kids, $3.33/doe, and non-lactating does, $1.67/doe. Relative Profitability

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    About the author: North Central Regional Extension Publications are subject to peer review and prepared as a part of the Cooperative Extension activities of the thirteen land-grant universities of the 12 North Central States, in cooperation with the Extension Service-U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C.

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