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"Mr. Billy is an Interesting Creature"

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Mr. Billy is an Interesting Creature

By: "GoatWorld Message Forum Users"

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  • Well, my little billy is almost 5 months old now and starting to do some interesting things. I had no idea just how comical of guys these billy's were. Talk about testosterone in overdrive. Man, he puts on quite a show. So, my husband and I were out sitting in the yard, watching his antics - it was quite entertaining. Then we got to discussing what a goat singles bar would be like. Mr. Billy walking up to a young doe.....Hey, what's your name cutey....hmmm excuse me a minute while I pee on my face....there, thats better...blubber, blubber...spit. By the time the discussion was over, we were nearly rolling on the ground laughing. Just another example of how much fun, and laughter these wonderful goats bring into my life.

    A friend of mine brought her new vet-tech friend with her to pick up the buck we co-owned. She had not seen my senior herd sire before so we went over to see him. "E" was in with a yearling doe and the vet tech asked why he was "drinking" the does urine, he really wasn't drinking it, he was putting it on his upper lip so he could smell it to see if she was in heat" and just as I was explaining what he was doing and why he was acting this way, he mounted the doe, bred her right there a foot away from us :) I looked down at my watch and said, "Well she should have kids about 4:30 pm on January 3rd" The vet tech was amazed that it would be exactly at that time, and Becky and I rolled with laughter! To make this even funnier just 2 minutes before, she was commenting on how I had let "E" get so fat, he had rolls all down his neck, she thought HE was a HER! :) Yes nothing worse than buck humor!

    GW Note: There is a name and reason for the urine involved behavior a buck will display. Male goats, as well as several other species of animals have a vomeronasal or Jacobson's organ. This organ is the sense organ involved in the flehmen response in mammals. I will soon be adding an article on this subject.

    And then there was the time when a particular person who sells an acidifier in place of Ammonium Chloride for the prevention of urinary calculi got into an argument with me over the benefits of the acidifier vs. ammonium chloride. I mean, who is going to get rich selling ammonium chloride at $1.00 a pound? The acidifier was costing upwards of $4.00 or more a pound - a simple "get rich quick scheme" in my eyes.
    So, this person tells me, "the ammonium chloride is too harsh on the buck."
    "Right" I say.
    "That's why they have been using it to prevent urinary calculi for the last few decades huh?"
    So the person asks me, "have you ever tasted ammonium chloride? It tastes awful. The bucks don't like it."
    "Sure" I tell the person. "You can't tell me that any animal that drinks and tastes its own urine is going to mind the taste of a little ammonium chloride!"
    I never heard from that person again!

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