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By: "Nutrient Requirements Of Goats - Number 15, 1981, National Academy Press"
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The problem of poisonous plants is of great importance to owners of much of the world's goat population. It is not known, nor can it be inferred, that goats are either more or less susceptible to toxic plants than other animal species. However, their grazing habits and the environment under which many of them are kept place them in wider contact with toxic plants. Many goats are found in arid areas, and are noted for eating a variety of plants under these conditions. Many native forage species found under arid conditions have natural protective mechanisms, including toxic principals that retard evaporation and protect against livestock. Goats are thought to be less sensitive than cattle to the toxic effects of tannic acid. Goats can live for extended periods of time on oak species with high tannic acid, whereas cattle are very susceptible to this material (Dollahite, 1961). Goats are also not bothered by bitterweed (Hymenoxys odorata), which causes severe losses with sheep in some areas (Hardy et al. 1931). And goats have been used at times to reduce the availability of toxic plants to other animal species (Dollahite, 1972). Some references to toxic plants and their effects include Sperry et al (1964), Kingsbury (1964), Lindahl (1972), and Keeler et al. (1978).

Also see our section on POISONOUS PLANTS for more specific plant information.

About the author: The majority of this information was researched from various tests and sources.
"Nutrient Requirements Of Goats - Number 15, 1981, National Academy Press"
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