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    Are there specific symptoms for lung worms and how do you know your goats have them. Also what is the treatment for lung worms?

  • Here in Colorado I don't seem to have bad worm problems. But, I did buy a goat with a real bad cough. Found that some wormers will not kill them. But from experience, Panacur will. You will hear a distinct hacking cough and a rougn coat. One goat had lung worms so bad I had to dose her three times. I use 5 cc's - it's a liquid. So if I have a wild goat, I pour it on their grain.

  • Part of the lifecycle of the lung worm is a snail or slug - so if you don't have standing water where the goat could have gotten into something like this, or the goat came from someplace like that, I would doubt it is lun gworm. Valbazen which is a good broad-specturm wormer will kill this anyways, though you have to reworm in 18 days (?) - something like that to get the hatching eggs.

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