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    I just got home with a tub of Safe-Guard. The lady at the feed store said to turn the dial twice for about an 80 lb. goat. I have a three year old, a two year old and two six month old pygmy goats. Was just wondering if anyone could give me some pointers on how much to give. Also, how often do I do the worming treatment?

  • This all depends on what is going on with your goats. If they have a bad problem, I would worm them, then do it again in a couple of weeks. If you are in a dry area you may not need to do it again for 2 or 3 months. Look at their gums - if they are pale pink to almost white they are probably pretty wormy and you will need to do a follow-up. If they are pink or get real pink about 2 weeks after deworming you can watch the gums. And also if they look nice and sleek this time of year and you wouldn't need to worm again for a while. If you live in a wet area or have a big rain you can get a good worm kill by deworming 2 weeks after the rain. Their hair should be shiny and feel sorta soft. You can learn to pretty much tell by looking if they are wormy - if you start paying attention to their hair and gums. Babies will look pot gutted. The only way you can absolutely tell is to do a fecal sample. If you over-use a dewormer, eventually the worms will become resistant to it.

  • Look on the side of the tube at the recommended dosage and figure out how much you would give to the weight of your goats, then give 2 to 3 times that amount for a goat. It is very hard to overdose with a wormer. I have a friend that accidentally gave a whole tube to a doe and she had no ill effects.

  • I had a very young foal and I forgot to take the little cap off (of the wormer) so had to push really hard; whoops! Cap and all (was dispensed). I telephoned my veterinarian and said, "My god, I gave him a whole tube, lid and all! What's going to happen?" The vet replied, "Oh nothing. You just have a really well wormed horse. But I was sure I killed him. Just so you know, my goats have wormed themselves many times.

  • I have always followed a practice of using Safe-Guard on kids up to about three months in age. A day or two after the doe gives birth, I most often worm her immediately using either Safe-Guard or Cydectin. The kid receives Safe-Guard only for the first three months simply because I figure some of the other wormers are too harsh for the young kid to handle. And one should note that Safe-Guard, while considered a very "safe" white wormer, does not have the potency of many other brands of wormers such as Ivomec, Cydectin, Panacur, Valbazen, etc. yet it can be quite expensive. Still, I feel it is a very good wormer to have in your goat medicine chest.
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