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Anatolian Black Goat - Click for larger image!
  • Also known as: Kil-Keši, Adi Keši, Kara Keši, Kilgoat, Turkish Native.

  • Description: The Anatolian Black is raised in Turkey for its meat, milk and fiber. The Anatolian Black is a Syrian type goat with large, drooping ears, coarse flat long hair, and comes in a unicolored variety of black, grey, brown and sometimes pied coloration. Reported to be tolerant to diseases, the Anatolian Black is well adapted to a local poor environment.

    Anatolian Black Goat - Click for larger image! Reference:
    All information and photographs contained here are posted in conjunction with Prof. Dr. Ihsan Soysal and Emel Ízkan, Trakya University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Animal Science, Tek Rdag, Turkey, Email: misoysal@tu.tzf.edu.tr

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