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  • Distribution: Jhakrana and a few surrounding villages near Behror, in the Alwar district of Rajasthan.

  • Numbers: The number of animals of this breed is rather small, as it is restricted to a very limited area. Considering that it is a good indigenous dairy breed , there is need for its conservation.

  • Climate:

    Average monthly temperature (ºC)




    18.4 8.3-27.3


    31.7 22.0-40.6
    Average monthly relative humidity (%)


    53 29-68


    37 18-71
    Annual rainfall (cm) 64.81

  • Breed Characteristics:

    Adult males

    Adult females

    Body weight 57.8 44.48
    Body length 84.10 77.74
    Height at withers  90.40 79.12
    Chest girth 86.00 79.13

  • Conformation: Large animals. The coat, predominantly black with white spots on ears and muzz1e, is short and lustrous. Face line is straight. Forehead is narrow and slightly bulging. The breed is quite similar to Beetal, the major difference being that Jhakrana is longer. Ear length is medium: 13.8 + 0.19. Udder is large, with large conical teats.

  • Flock structure: The average f1ock consists of 14.2+- 2.1 individuals; (range: 5 to 34), including 0.05 adult males, 9.08 adult females and 5.07 young.

  • Reproduction:



    Age at first kidding  
    Kidding interval  
    Service period  
    Kidding percentage  
    Litter size: (%)  
    Singles 57
    Twins 41
    Triplets 2

  • Mortality %:

    Pre-weaning 3.4
    Adults 0.17

  • Breeding: Pure breeding. Males are se1ected on the basis of their dam's mi1k yield. Breeding bucks are generally produced from within the f1ock. Owners of small f1ocks who do not maintain a buck utilize services of the buck from a neighbor's f1ock.

  • Performance:


    Lactation yield (Kg) 121.80
    Lactation length (days) 114.7

    Meat (kg.)

    At birth  
    At weaning  
    6 months  
    9 months  
    12 months  

    Hair  (g per year)


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