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Also known as:
Sahélienne,Cheèvre bariolée, Fulani, Sahel, West African Longlegged, Gorane, Niafounké, Nioro

The Sahelian belong to the Savanna group of goats with many types and subtypes raised in the Saharan and sub-Saharan region. Described type is distributed in north and northwest of Mali.

Thin appearance, narrow body, shallow chest, and sloping short croup. Long spindly legs. Udder as well as scrotum in males split into two halves. Both sexes horned, most (70%) with wattles, pendent or semi-pendulous ears. Average females weight about 55-75 pounds, height in withers 65-75 cm, heart girth 62-78 cm, males about 85-125 pounds, 65-85cm in withers and 70-85 cm. in heart girth.

Stiff short hair, with variety of colors from pure white, cream, to red, black or gray sprinkled or pied, gray, brown or black.

Production traits: First kidding occurs usually about 18 months, bearing mostly (70%) one or two kids, with lactation persisting to 5-6 months. Dressing percentage (males and castrates) at 25-30kg liveweight 46-48%.

Kept primarily for meat, and skins, milk (at least semiarid regions in Mali) is only seldom used and never processed.

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