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Also Known By:
General information:
International breed name: Tinerfena
Local breed name: Tinerfena
Breed status: acknowleged
Group of similar breeds: not defined
Main location: country-wide
Breed society: SERGA, Departamento de Genetica Facultad de Veterinaria, Avda. de Medina Azahara, 9, E-14005 Cordoba, Spain, Fax: +34-57 / 218666, Email: id1debej@lucano.uco.es

Origin and development:
No information about establishment, imports nor introgressions available.
Herdbook established: yes

Population numbers:
YearNo. of males in natural serviceAdd. no. of males used for AINo. of breeding femalesNo. of females in herdbookTrend in no. of breeding femalesFemales mated pure (%)No. of herds (breeders)Trend in no. of herdsFrozen material for commercial use and conservation purposes
Semen, no. of represented malesEmbryos, no. of represented sires/dams
1993662miss25,0002,700miss 80< 10missmissmiss/miss

External characteristics:
Coat colour: miss
Skin colour: miss
Typical number of horns (males, females): miss, miss
Usual hair and/or wool classification: miss
Adult animals (males/females): Withers height: miss / miss cm; Live weight: miss / miss kg;

Additional characteristics:
Main use: miss
Special abilities/adaptations: miss

Typical management conditions:
Type: miss; Housing: miss; Feeding: miss

Performance comparison:
Relative performance comparison is impossible, because no standard breed was specified!

Conservation activities:
Conservation of breed by reproducing herds or animals:
Activities do not exist.

Status and cause of endangerment:
Effective population size: 2,027
Rate of inbreeding per generation: 0.02%
Status of endangerment: Breed is a composite of foreign breeds or was imported, so status of endangerment was not defined!

Calculated number of females: 10,000

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