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Due to a large increase in calendar events being posted that are "non-goat related", public access to the event calendar has been discontinued. Many of you have posted events over the years to announce shows, classes, seminars, etc. In order to continue to serve your needs for an area to make announcements, all events are now being handled via the GoatWorld Message Forum. You are encouraged to register for free so that you may continue to post your events.

If you have bookmarked or linked to the GoatWorld Calendar, please update your records now by using one of the following links below:

  • You will need to create a free account at: http://www.goat411.com/goat911
  • The direct link to the Shows and Announcement topic is: 4-H, FFA, Goat Shows, Clinics, Classes

    Your level of free access will allow for viewing and posting in free areas. At any time you may upgrade your account to a paid member status to access all areas of the web site. Paid membership helps financially support GoatWorld for the long term.

    I regret having to make this change as I know many of you may be inconveniened, but one of our goals is to create and maintain a safe online community that is free of junk and spam.

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