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Alpines International Club

American LaMancha Club
The American LaMancha Club is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the LaMancha breed. The website has great educational articles about this fascinating breed's history, National Show winners, Specialty Show winners, productiona award winners, and a membership directory.
organic wool of downy goat’s fleece - fiber in exclusive warm collection of high knee socks, slippers, warm fluffy socks, over the knee footless leg warmers ( legwarmers ), scarves, fluffy kerchiefs, shawls and more.

IFGA is for preserving the Myotonics through registration, pedigree documentation, and educating the public about the uniqueness of the breed.

International Fainting Goat Association
The International Fainting Goat Association was created to preserve this wonderful breed. This task is being accomplished through registration, pedigree documentation, and educating the public about the uniqueness of the breed.

International Sable Breeders Association
Dedicated to the development and promotion of the Sable Dairy goat, recognized by the American Dairy Goat Association and the American Goat Society. ISBA is also a registration association for Sable breeders who do not belong to either of the above associations. We keep a complete data base which has information going back to the American Milch Dairy Goat Association. For more information or to join, click on the above link.

Meade County Goat Producers Assoc.

Missouri Boer Goat Association

Purchase Area Goat Asoociation
Purchase Area Goat Association is dedicated to the Purchase Area Goat Producer and will provide educational programs for it's members to improve their production and marketing skills, we encourage all interested to attend our meetings, as always they are open to the public. Serving all of Western Kentucky.Shawn Harper 270-247-9633or Jennie Lynn 270-376-2976

Rocky Mountain Nigerian Dwarf Goat Club
The RMNDGC is open to members from anywhere. Currently we have members from MT, ID, Wa, OR, Co, NV, NM, TX.. Please visit the club site to learn more and find our show information.


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